Connect Easykon Lite for MyHome to MyHomeServer1

MyHomeServer1 is among the gateways that are compatible with Easykon Lite for MyHome and can be used to connect this product to the MyHome SCS systems by BTicino.

Connect Easykon to MyHomeServer1

To connect MyHomeServer1 to Easykon you have to use the OPEN password.

Easykon by default, tries to use the password “12345” to connect to the compatible BTicino gateways. This password is not valid for MyHomeServer1, so, clicking just the “Connect” button it is not possible to connect Easykon to MyHomeServer1. Make sure to insert the OPEN password that you set in MyHome_Up before clicking on “Connect”.

  • Know MyHOMEServer1 OPEN password
To set the OPEN password in MyHomeServer1:
  1. Open MyHome_Up App
  2. Access as Installator (if you haven’t changed the credentials, you can find them in the label on the front side of MyHomeServer1)
  3. Click on “More”, at the bottom right (1)
  4. Select “System” (2)
  5. Insert the OPEN password, choose the one you want, making sure to respect the rules written under the password (3) 

You set the OPEN password in MyHomeServer1, you are ready to use it to connect Easykon Lite for MyHome to your MyHome SCS system by BTicino.

To make the connection:
  1. Turn on the computer, open the internet browser and write Easykon IP address to reach the web configuration panel
  2. Press on “Login” and on the button on the front side of the module
  3. Search for the compatible gateways installed on the system (Step 1) 

  4. Select MyHomeServer1 (Step 2) 

  5. Insert the OPEN password that you set in MyHome_UP in the space on the bottom right (3.A) 

  6. Click on “Connect” on top (3.B)

  7. Easykon for MyHome will connect to the gateway (Step 4) 

  8. The product will identify and configure automatically the devices installed in your MyHome system (Step 5) 

  9. When the automatic configuration will be completed, you will see all the accessories found in the panel. All the on/off accessories are configured as lights and all the ones in which you can manage the opening/closing are configured as window coverings. You can change the accessories category and the name, in the configuration panel of each accessory. (Step 6)