Using Easykon Lite for KNX interface

The Easykon Lite for KNX web interface allows you to map the system accessories and make them compatible with the Google, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT systems automatically.

Interface divided into 3 areas:
  1. The settings
  2. The accessory configuration area
  3. The KNX project import area

Can’t access the interface?


From the settings you can:
  • Perform backup and restore
  • See the information about the KNX gateway connected
  • Read the information about the licence used
  • Change the interface language
  • See the information about the software
  • Logout
To access the settings:
  1. Access to Easykon Lite for KNX interface
  2. Click on the icon with the gear wheel on the top right

To go back to the configuration panel, press on the X on the top right.

Do you want in-depth information on the settings?

Accessory configuration area

Here you can add, modify or delete accessories and features, you can also search among those already mapped.

You can do the search based on the accessory name, using the bigger bar, or filter them by category. If you enter inside of an object to configure it, when you came back you will find the list with the filter still active.

To add an accessory:
  1. Press on the "+" at the top left
  2. Select the correct accessory category for the accessory to be added
  3. Enter the name of the accessory that will be used by Google and Amazon Alexa. You can also change it later directly from their App
  4. Complete the parameters with the required group addresses
  5. Click on "Save" to complete the operation

Warning. If you go back without saving, the information you have changed will be lost.

To change an accessory:
  1. Enter the accessory parameters by clicking on the edit icon
  2. Change the name, parameters or features
  3. Click on "Save" to complete the operation

KNX project import area

To make the mapping of the accessories even easier and faster, the structure of the Konnex project can be imported directly into the Easykon Lite for KNX interface. You can choose to import an .xml file or the project file directly .knxproj.

The Konnex ETS software allows you to export the project file in .knxproj or .xml.

To upload the project:
  1. Click on the icon at the top right and then "Select file"
  2. Select the file to import .xml or .knxproj
  3. Click on "Import" to complete the operation

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