Pair a Lite device to the Freedompro Cloud

Once you have a profile, you can pair all the Freedompro products you want to it, without worrying about the quantity. Your products will always be at your disposal.

Did you create a Freedompro profile?

You don’t have to worry about the pairing to the Freedompro Cloud with a Lite product, it happens automatically during the activation.

After the activation, you will be able to access your Freedompro profile and see the product as the ones paired to you. You can use all the functions of the cloud, such as the ones for managing users and settings.

The default name of the Lite products paired is: Home.

Do you want to change the name?

It is not possible to pair Lite products using the “Pair device” button in the home page of the cloud. That button identifies just the hardware Freedompro products installed in the local network.

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