Pair Easykon Lite for MyHome with IFTTT

IFTTT is a free service that enables you to create automation applications using more than 600 different services. Its name derives from the acronym of “If This Then That” i.e. “If this happens, then perform that action”. 

Users can create their own custom automation applications, called Applets, or use one or more already present on the platform. To create one from scratch, you must choose an initial trigger, i.e. the event that will activate the automation sequence and the action that must occur for the automation to proceed.

For example, if you set as trigger the turning on of the living room light and as action the turning off of the kitchen one, then every time you will turno on the living room light the kitchen light will turn off automatically.

By pairing Easykon with IFTTT, you can choose certain accessory categories mapped on the bridge, both as triggers and actions.

For details, please see the page Compatible accessories

Follow these steps to pair IFTTT with the Freedompro service:
  1. Go to IFTTT site
  2. Login with your IFTTT account
  3. Click on "Explore" and search and select "Freedompro"
  4. Press on "Connect"
  5. Login with your Freedompro Cloud account
  6. Click on "Allow" to immediately start to create your automations

Once you have paired the Freedompro service, you will be able to choose among the accessories mapped inside your Easykon as triggers and actions and create any automation you want.