Pair Easykon Lite for MyHome with Amazon Alexa

We also have a skill!
There's a skill for almost everything. Amazon Alexa has thousands of services called Skills to connect accessories to the app and the Alexa voice assistant. Find the Freedompro skill to connect your MyHome system with Alexa. You'll be able to browse through many new possibilities and discover a completely new way to control your MyHome devices.

Pair Easykon with Amazon Alexa

Follow these steps to pair Easykon with Amazon Alexa:
  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app available for Android and iOS
  2. Click on the "Devices" icon in the menu below and select "Skill for smart home"
  3. Choose "Enable skill for smart home"
  4. Search for "Freedompro" and click on "Enable use"
  5. Log in to your Freedompro Cloud profile with your Google or Facebook account, to complete the pairing

With Amazon Alexa, you can also remotely access your MyHome system automatically.
No additional configuration or accessory is required.

Once the pairing is complete, if you do not find some accessories inside the Alexa App, check in the article Compatible Accessories their compatibility with the Amazon Alexa platform.
Remember that scenes can only be controlled with voice commands on the Amazon Alexa platform.
If you have lock accessories in your system, you can choose directly in the Alexa App whether to activate their management through Apps and/or voice commands. If you activate unlocking by voice, follow the instructions in the App to create the security code.