Recognise a KNX home automation system

The Easykon family products can be installed on certain types of electrical systems characterised by a bus.

A BUS plant is composed by smart devices connected one another through a cable (called BUS) that both exchanges information and gives them the power supply needed to function.

Every device connected to the system:
  • it is characterized from a unique identification name or number (that is called different in the different type of BUS)
  • it is capable of recognising the information intended for itself and process it to achieve the desired function.

Easykon for KNX is compatible with all the plants realized with standard Konnex (KNX) modules.

Do you have a plant realised with standard Konnex modules?

How to recognise a Konnex (KNX) home automation system

KNX is today the worldwide, open, compliant with the main European and international regulations standard, which allows the automated and decentralised management of the technological systems of a wide range of structures: commercial buildings, factories, offices, houses, public facilities, schools and many others.

Konnex standard is not connected to any brand or family of products, many different companies that produce electrical material have a line dedicated to this standard, there are more than 8.0000 producers worldwide that create and sell standard KNX devices.

How can you check if your plant is made with KNX?

You just have to look in the electrical panel and search on the modules:
  • KNX logo
  • KNX twisted pair connector that is red and black

Finally, to be fully sure about the kind of plant you have, we suggest you to ask the professional that installed the system.