Profile settings

From the profile settings you can:
  • Logout from the interface
  • Save the security code
  • Manage your newsletter preferences
  • Change Freedompro Cloud language
  • Create the API Key to use Freedompro API
  • Delete your profile
To enter in the Freedompro Cloud profile settings:
  1. Access the Freedompro Cloud
  2. Click on the icon on the upper right with the image of the profile you used to create the profile

Logout from the interface

The logout function allows to disconnect safely from the Freedompro Cloud.

To logout:
  1. Enter in the device settings
  2. Click on “Logout” under your e-mail address

Save the security code

Some accessories categories, considered "sensitive" from Google, need a security code to be unlocked. This maintains high both the system security and practicality.

These accessories categories are not supported by Apple Homekit at the moment, so it is possible to control them through Freedompro products just with Google and Amazon platforms (this last one does not use the security code). 

The accessories that need the security code are:
  • Lock
  • Garage door
  • Gate
  • Door
  • Window

The security code is personal, so it is different for every user that uses the accessory.

To set the security code:
  1. Enter the profile settings
  2. Insert the code in the "Security code" section
  3. Click on "Save"

The code is visible when it is saved and then it will be hidden. If you don't remember it, you have to set a new one.

The security code must:
  • Have from 4 to 6 numbers
  • Be composed just by numbers
  • Not be composed by consecutive numbers (in ascending or descending order)
  • Not be composed by all the same number

Manage your newsletter preferences

You can decide in any moment to stay in touch with us or not. We value very much our customers privacy, if you decide to not subscribe our newsletter, you won't receive marketing e-mails from us again.

Use the button in the "Newsletter" section to manage your preference.

Change Freedompro Cloud language

To change the cloud language:
  1. Enter in the profile settings
  2. Choose the flag of the language you want in the "Language" section

Changing the language in the Freedompro Cloud does not effect in any way the language of the smart home applications or the voice assistant that you use.


To use Freedompro API it is necessary to have a customised API Key. This key keeps high the security of your system.

To create the API Key:
  1. Go to the setting of your profile
  2. Click on “Generate” in the API Key section

For security reasons, the generated code is visible in your profile, only when you create it. Changing the page, the code will be hidden. Take note of the code after creating it.

If you lose the code or if you need to create a new one, you can remove the one previously created clicking on the red X that appears once you have generated the code and create a new one.

For more information on how to use the API Key, you can read the developers documentation.

Delete your profile

Deleting your profile, you will not be able to access the Freedompro products that were connected to it and you will not be able to control the connected accessories with Google or Alexa applications and voice assistants. Completing this operation, you delete your preferences and your data from the Freedompro Cloud.

If you are the owner of one or more devices, also the guest users will be disconnected to the device and no one will be able to controll the connected accessories with Google or Amazon Alexa smart platforms.

Deleting the profile is an irreversible operation. If you want to access again to Freedompro Cloud, you will have to create a new profile with your Google or Facebook account.

To delete your profile from the Freedompro Cloud:
  1. Access the profile settings

  2. In the "Delete profile" section click on "Delete profile"

  3. Confirm your choice, selecting "Yes"

Once you complete the operation you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

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