Create profile

Anyone can create a profile in the Freedompro Cloud at any time. The profile is crucial to access the cloud services, pair a device and accept invites, it is also necessary to control Freedompro products through Google and Amazon Alexa smart platforms.

  • Device connected to the internet
  • Web browser
  • Account Google or Facebook
To create a profile on the Freedompro Cloud:
  1. Open the web browser

  2. Write in the address bar

  3. Create a profile using your Google or Facebook account and click on the corresponding button

  4. Accept Terms and Conditions

  5. If you want to receive updates and news from Freedompro, accept the newsletter and click on "Continue"

Congratulations, you created your profile on the Freedompro Cloud. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with all the information on what to do next.

The first time you access, if you have not received an invite, you will not find any device connected to your profile.
You find Freedompro Cloud login page in our site.

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