Cloud dashboard

In the Freedompro Cloud dashboard you can see all the devices connected to your profile, the ones that you paired and the ones you have been invited to.

This page is divided in 4 areas:
  1. Navigation menu

  2. Pairing a device button

  3. Profile settings

  4. Devices area

In this area you find:
  • Freedompro Store link
  • Help Center link

Pairing a device button

This button allows you to start the pairing procedure.

Do you want to pair a device to your profile?

Profile settings

Click on the icon with your profile image to enter in your profile settings.

From the profile settings is it possible to:
  • Logout from the cloud
  • Save your personal security code
  • Manage your newsletter preferences
  • Change the interface language
  • Remove the profile

Do you want to know more about profile settings?

Devices area

In this area you find all the Freedompro products linked to your profile, both the ones you paired and the ones you were invited to.

You see immediately some information about the device:
  • Name
  • Status (online/offline)
  • Serial number
  • Devices connected
  • Users

To know more or modify the information, you have to access the device settings.

Do you want to access the device settings?

If you are the device owner, in the device settings, you can manage the users that access to the product.

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