2 steps to pair your products to the Freedompro cloud

Freedompro Cloud is a powerful, free and always connected service that allows you to use Google and Amazon smart home platforms to control Freedompro products.

Google and Amazon systems need a cloud to cloud connection to be used to manage the home. Freedompro Cloud does exactly that, it connects to Google and/or Amazon cloud and it allows our products to use all the power of these platforms to manage the domestic devices.

To connect Freedompro products to our cloud and then to Google and/or Amazon ones, you have to complete the pairing procedure.

You just need 2 steps to pair a Freedompro product to the cloud:

  1. Create your Freedompro profile
  2. Pair the product to the profile

1. Create your Freedompro profile

To access the Freedompro Cloud you have to create a personal profile.

  • Device connected to internet
  • Web browser
  • Google or Facebook profile
To create a profile in the Freedompro Cloud:
  1. Open a web browser
  2. Write home.freedompro.eu in the address bar
  3. Use your Google or Facebook account to create your profile, clicking on the corresponding button
  4. Accept Terms and conditions and Privacy policy and click on "Continue"

Congratulations, you just created your profile in the Freedompro Cloud. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with more information about how to manage the Freedompro devices in your smart home.

You find the link of the Freedompro Cloud login page also on our site, in the Cloud page.

2. Pair a product to your profile

Once you have a profile, you can pair every Freedompro product you want to it, you don't have to worry about the quantity. Your products will always be under your control and you will be able to manage the users that can access them freely and securely.

  • Device connected to the same local network as the product you want to pair
  • Web browser
To pair a product:
  1. Access the Freedompro Cloud using your Google or Facebook account

  2. Click on "Add new device"

  3. Select the product you want to pair, mind that it has the same serial number as the physical module installed in your system, and click on "Continue"

  4. Write the name that you want to give to this product and press on "Continue"

  5. Insert the pairing code that you find on the device or in the information sheet in the packaging and select "Continue"

  6. Click on "End" to complete the pairing. In the last page you find the links to the articles of our Help Center in which it is described the procedure to pair the Freedompro product to Google or Amazon Alexa, follow this procedure to start managing your house with your voice.

Once you completed the pairing, you are ready to pair your Freedompro product to Google or Amazon Alexa, so that you can control your smart home with their Apps and voice assistants. With the pairing to the cloud you can use both these platforms, even at the same time.

Thanks to the Freedompro Cloud you can manage remotely your Freedompro products without the need of other modules, configurations or additional costs.

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