Compatible BTicino gateways

Bticino gateways compatible with Easykon for MyHome

To access and automatically identify the compatible devices present on the Bticino system, Easykon for MyHome must use a compatible Bticino gateway device.

The BTicino gateway devices compatible with Easykon for MyHome are:
  • MH200
  • MH200N
  • MH201
  • MH202
  • MH4892
  • MH4892C
  • MH4893
  • MH4893C
  • F450
  • F453
  • F453AV
  • F454
  • F455
  • F458
  • F459
  • H/L4684
  • LN4890
  • MyHomeServer1*
* The latest firmware version of MyHomeServer1 may cause connection losses with third-party products.  
Freedompro does not recommend the use with Easykon.

All compatible BTicino gateways must be connected to the SCS bus and the local network via the Ethernet cable.

Make sure that the latest firmware version is installed on the Bticino gateway before connecting Easykon for MyHome.

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