Pair Easykon for MyHome with Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit is a protocol that connects accessories for smart home and Apple devices.
Thanks to Apple HomeKit, home control and management become simple and intuitive. Even advanced functions like creating scenarios and automating them become easy for any user to set up, and customising the system is practical and convenient.

Easykon combines Apple's simplicity and immediacy with the reliability and familiarity of the MyHome system, so you can control the lights by talking to Siri, close the shutters from your iPad or manage the temperature from your iPhone.

Pair Easykon with Apple HomeKit to get access to all these features on your MyHome system.

Pair Easykon with Apple HomeKit

Follow these steps:
  1. Open the application Apple Home on your Apple device
  2. Make sure you've selected the Home where you want to add the accessories connected to Easykon
  3. Tap "Add accessory" or the "+"
  4. Scan the QR code printed on the front of Easykon for MyHome
  5. Follow the instructions to complete configuration

Can't find the QR code? Use the copy in the Easykon for MyHome package.

Remote control:with Apple HomeKit, you can manage your accessories even when you're not at home. To do this you need to have an Apple TV or iPad configured as a home hub. Read how to do it on the Apple support site.

Once the pairing is completed, if you don't find some accessories inside the Home App, check in the article Compatible Accessories their compatibility with Apple HomeKit.