Compatible BTicino systems

Easykon is compatible with every MyHome system built since 2000, in particular:
  • All BTicino MyHome systems made with physical configurators (components WITHOUT ID)

  • All BTicino MyHome systems made with the MyHomeSuite software (components with ID)

  • New Bticino MyHome_Up home automation system

Compatible Bticino gateways:
  • MH200
  • MH200N
  • MH201
  • MH202
  • MH4892
  • MH4892C
  • MH4893
  • MH4893C
  • F450
  • F453
  • F453AV
  • F454
  • F455
  • F458
  • F459
  • H/L4684
  • LN4980
  • MyHomeServer1

All compatible BTicino gateways must be connected to the SCS bus and the local network via the Ethernet cable.

Make sure that the latest firmware version is installed on the Bticino gateway before connecting Easykon for MyHome.