Accessing the interface - Easykon for MyHome

Use the Easykon for MyHome web interface to customise the names and features of your MyHome accessories.

Access via the IP address

You can access the Easykon for MyHome interface directly from your local network using the IP address assigned to the device by your router.

  • Knowing the Easykon for MyHome IP address

To find the Easykon for MyHome IP address, use software that scans the local network such as Lanscan for Mac operating systems or Advanced IP scanner for Windows. You can also find the IP address on the configuration page of your router.

Follow these steps to access the interface:
  1. Type the IP address in the browser bar to access Easykon for MyHome
  2. Click on the "Sign in" button that appears in the interface
  3. Press the "Sign in / Unpairing" button on the device

Can't press the button?

Now you'll see the Easykon for MyHome interface with all the accessories found on the system and you can customise them.

If it's your first sign-in connect the BTicino MyHome gateway before viewing the interface

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