Getting started: 3 steps to set up Easykon for MyHome

Easykon for MyHome, the plug-and-play device for voice control certified by Apple HomeKit, Google and Amazon Alexa, makes your BTicino MyHome system controllable through the best smart home management systems in just a few minutes.

Easykon for MyHome is compatible with every BTicino MyHome system built since 2000, in particular:
  • Systems built with physical configurators

  • MyHome systems not compatible with MyHomeServer1 (digital configuration)

  • MyHome systems compatible with MyHomeServer1 (digital configuration)

3 steps to control the BTicino MyHome system with Apple, Google or Alexa

  1. Physical installation
  2. Start automatic configuration
  3. Pairing with Apple HomeKit, Google or Amazon Alexa

Step 1. Physical installation

Important: for your safety and that of the components, before installing Easykon for MyHome, cut off the power supply from the electrical system.


Start installation:
  1. Attach Easykon for MyHome to the DIN rail of the electrical panel
  2. Connect the 12/24 V power cable to the upper left connector
  3. Connect the Ethernet cable to the upper right connector
  4. Check the cabling is correct and reactivate the power supply to the electrical system

After about 30 seconds, the Easykon for MyHome status light will turn solid blue.

Step 2. Start automatic configuration

To find, identify and manage all system accessories, Easykon for MyHome must be connected to a compatible BTicino MyHome gateway.

Bticino gateways compatible with Easykon for MyHome:
  • MH201
  • F454
  • F459
  1. Sign in to the configuration interface by entering the Easykon for MyHome IP address in the browser

  2. Click on "Sign in"

  3. Press the "Sign in / Unpairing" button on the Easykon device installed on the DIN rail

  4. Select the gateway you want to connect

  5. Check that the gateway information is correct and click on "Connect" at the top right

If the connection with the BTicino gateway is successful, Easykon for MyHome automatically identifies and configures all compatible MyHome accessories in a few seconds.

Can't see some accessories in the list after automatic configuration? Wait a few minutes and reload the page or try to manually control the accessory – Easykon will automatically add it to the list!

Customising accessories

Easykon for MyHome assigns a default name (e.g. lightbulb 01) and automatically inserts the default characteristics for each accessory. For example, the types of BTicino MyHome actuators used to control light sources, controlled sockets or switches are automatically categorised as "Light

To customise accessories:
  1. Go to the Easykon for MyHome interface

  2. Click on the "Identify" icon to find the device – the accessory you've selected will begin to flash or move

  3. Enter the parameters by clicking on the button with the 3 dots

  4. Change the name and/or characteristics required

  5. Click on "Save"

Can't access the interface?

See the Compatible accessories article to see the characteristics of each accessory.

Step 3. Pairing with Apple HomeKit, Google or Amazon Alexa

Easykon is certified by Apple HomeKit, Google and Amazon Alexa. This means you're free to choose the platform you prefer, or even use more than one at the same time.

f you are the homeowner and it's the first time you've paired Easykon for MyHome with Apple, Google or Alexa, first of all carry out the unpairing procedure. This way, you'll be sure of being the sole administrator. It is always and exclusively the administrator who chooses who to share the use of their home with.

Hold down the "Sign in / Unpairing" button on the front of Easykon for MyHome until the status light starts flashing blue.

This procedure does not alter the installation and configuration of the accessories in any way.

Pairing with Apple HomeKit

Easykon for MyHome and Apple HomeKit make your MyHome system smart. Revolutionise the way you control your MyHome accessories and create customised scenes and automations in just a few taps – controlling your home has never been easier.

Pair Easykon for MyHome with Apple HomeKit to multiply your system's functions, without sacrificing the usual safety and reliability.


Follow these steps to pair:
  1. Open the Apple Home application on your Apple device
  2. Make sure you've selected the Home where you want to add the accessories connected to Easykon
  3. Tap "Add accessory" or the "+"
  4. Scan the QR code printed on the front of Easykon for MyHome
  5. Follow the instructions to complete configuration

Can't find the QR code? Use the copy in the Easykon for MyHome package.

Pairing with Google

Easykon for MyHome and Google will become your personal assistants, always at your disposal. Control the lights comfortably from the sofa, manage the temperature even when you're at work and create personalised routines for your different home activities: your MyHome system is now smart.

Pair Easykon with Google to start using these features right away.


Have you paired Easykon for MyHome with your Freedompro profile?

Follow these steps to control your MyHome system with Google:
  1. Open the Google Home App available for Android and iOS
  2. Press the "+" button and select "Configure device"
  3. Choose "Have something already set up?"
  4. Search for "Freedompro" among the services listed
  5. Use your Freedompro profile, logging in with Google or Facebook, to pair with Google Cloud

Pairing with Amazon Alexa

Easykon combined with Alexa's vocal applications (called skills) lets you add many functions to your MyHome system. Activate new features, make your home life more comfortable and automatic, and discover all the opportunities that home automation offers your system.

Pair Alexa with Easykon for MyHome to take advantage of all these new possibilities.


Follow these steps to control MyHome devices with Amazon Alexa:
  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app available for Android and iOS
  2. Click on the "Devices" icon in the menu below and select "Skill for smart home"
  3. Choose "Enable skill for smart home"
  4. Search for "Freedompro" among the services listed, and finally click on "Enable use"
  5. Use your Freedompro profile, logging in with Google or Facebook, to pair with the Amazon Alexa Cloud

Pairing Easykon with the Freedompro Cloud

The Freedompro Cloud is a powerful, secure and free service that allows you to integrate our products with other worlds. Google and Amazon Alexa services are connected to the Freedompro Cloud and work together to give you the best experience.

Pair Easykon with the Freedompro Cloud to take advantage of the power of Google and Amazon Alexa.


  • Compatible browser on a device connected to the same network as Easykon for MyHome
Follow these steps:
  1. Log in to your Freedompro profile using your Google or Facebook account
  2. Click on "Pair new device"
  3. The system will search for Freedompro devices on your local network: once the search is complete, select the "Pair" button on the Easykon for MyHome you want to pair
  4. Enter the pairing code printed on the label on the front of Easykon for MyHome

Can't find the pairing code? Use the copy in the Easykon package.

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