Getting Started: 3 steps to configure Easykon for KNX

Easykon for KNX, the Apple HomeKit, Google and Amazon Alexa certified voice control bridge for KNX systems and compatible with IFTTT allows you to manage your KNX system quickly and securely.

Follow these 3 simple steps to perform the physical installation of Easykon, complete the pairing with the Apple HomeKit, Google, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT platforms and manage the sharing of the KNX system with other users.

2 steps to complete the installation and configure Easykon on the KNX system:

  1. Physical installation
  2. Mapping the accessories

1 step to pair the KNX system with Apple HomeKit, Google, Amazon Alexa or IFTTT:

  1. Pairing with Apple HomeKit, Google, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT

Step 1. Physical installation

Attention: for your safety and the safety of the components, switch off the power supply to the system before installing Easykon for KNX.

  • 12/24 V AC/DC 0.1 A power supply
  • KNX bus cable
  • Ethernet cable with RJ-45 connector for connection to the local network (LAN)
  • List of group addresses or ETS project files (.xml or .knxproj)
Begin installation:
  1. Hook Easykon for KNX to the DIN bar of the electrical panel
  2. Connect the 12/24 V 0.1 A power cable to the upper left connector
  3. Connect the Ethernet cable to the upper right connector
  4. Connect the KNX bus cables following the colour of the connector on the lower side
  5. Check the correctness of the cabling and reconnect the power supply

After about 30 seconds, the Easykon for KNX status light will turn fixed blue.

Step 2. Mapping the accessories

In this step, choose which of your KNX system accessories to connect to the Apple HomeKit, Google, Amazon Alexa e IFTTT worlds.

Access the Easykon for KNX web interface to map the accessories. For each one, enter a name, choose the correct category and complete the parameters with the group addresses of Command and Status.

To access the web interface:
  1. Enter the Easykon IP address in the browser
  2. Click on "Sign in" (or "Login")
  3. Press the "Sign in / Unpairing" button on the Easykon device installed on the DIN bar
Adding an accessory:
  1. Click on the "+" at the top left
  2. Select the correct accessory category for the accessory to be mapped
  3. Enter the name you want to assign to the object. This will be the name used by Apple HomeKit, Google and Amazon Alexa, it will be possible to change it directly from the applications
  4. Complete the parameters with the group addresses
  5. Click on save to map the accessory

Repeat this step for every accessory you want to make compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT.

See the article Compatible accessories to see the details of the parameters for each accessory.

Even faster mapping! You can import the file .knxproj or .xml generated in ETS, view the structure of your KNX project and drag the group address directly in the web interface for even faster configuration.

Well, now that you have mapped the accessories that interest you, control them with the platform of your choice, Apple HomeKit, Google, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT.

Step 3. Pairing with Apple HomeKit, Google, Amazon Alexa or IFTTT

Easykon is certified by Apple HomeKit, Google and Amazon Alexa and Freedompro service is among the ones published on IFTTT official site. This means that you are free to choose the platform you prefer or, why not, use more than one at the same time.

Unpairing: the unpairing procedure disconnects each previously paired user
We recommend you carry out the unpairing procedure to ensure you are the only system administrator.
To do this, hold down the Sign in / Unpairing button on the front of Easykon for KNX until the status light begins to flash blue.

This procedure does not alter the configuration of the previously mapped accessories in any way.

Pairing with Apple HomeKit

Easykon for KNX and Apple HomeKit add power and practicality to your KNX system. Control all KNX accessories in a simple way, create customised scenes or automations to improve the comfort of your home.

Combine Easykon for KNX with Apple HomeKit to take advantage of all the features of your system.

Follow these steps to carry out the pairing:
  1. Open the application Apple Home on your Apple device
  2. Make sure you have selected the House in which you want to add the accessories connected to Easykon
  3. Touch "Add accessory" or the "+"
  4. Scan the QR code printed on the front of Easykon for KNX
  5. Follow the directions to complete the configuration

Can't find the QR code? Use the copy in the Easykon package.

Pairing with Google

Easykon for KNX and Google help you at any time of the day. Wake up to your favourite background, manage the lights and the thermostat with just one gesture or create the routines that accompany your daily activities in a few clicks.

Pair Easykon with Google to start using these features right away.


  • Easykon for KNX previously combined with your Freedompro profile
  • Google Home application

Have you paired Easykon with the Freedompro Cloud?

Follow these steps to control your KNX system with Google:
  1. Open the Google Home App available for Android and iOS
  2. Press the "+" button and select "Configure device"
  3. Select "Have you already configured something?"
  4. Search for "Freedompro" among the services listed
  5. Use your Freedompro profile, logging in with Google or Facebook, to carry out the pairing with Google Cloud

Pairing with Amazon Alexa

Easykon and Alexa multiply the possibilities of your KNX system. Add voice applications (called skills) and you will activate new features and content that enhance your home experience and open up new possibilities for what you can do with accessories and appliances.

Pair Alexa with Easykon to take advantage of all these new possibilities.


  • Easykon for KNX previously paired with your Freedompro profile
  • Amazon Alexa application
Follow these steps to control KNX with Amazon Alexa:
  1. Open the Amazon Alexa application available for Android and iOS
  2. Click on the icon "Devices" in the menu at the bottom and select "Skill for the smart home"
  3. Select "Enable smart home skill"
  4. Search for "Freedompro" among the services listed and click on "Enable use"
  5. Use your Freedompro profile, by logging in with Google or Facebook, to pair with the Amazon Alexa Cloud

Easykon pairing with IFTTT

IFTTT is a free service that enables you to create automation applications using more than 500 different services. Its name derives from the acronym of “If This Then That” i.e. “If this happens, then perform that action”. Users can create their own custom automation applications, called Applets, or use one or more already present on the platform. To create one from scratch, you must choose an initial trigger, i.e. the event that will activate the automation sequence and the action that must occur for the automation to proceed.
By pairing Easykon with IFTTT, you can choose certain accessory categories mapped on the bridge, both as triggers and actions.

For details, please see the page Compatible accessories

  • Easykon for KNX previously associated with Freedompro Cloud

  • Account on the IFTTT website

Follow these steps to pair IFTTT with the Freedompro service:
  1. Go to IFTTT site
  2. Login with your IFTTT account
  3. Click on "Explore" and search and select "Freedompro"
  4. Press on "Connect"
  5. Login with your Freedompro Cloud account
  6. Click on "Allow" to immediately start to create your automations

Once you have paired the Freedompro service, you will be able to choose among the accessories mapped inside your Easykon as triggers and actions and create any automation you want.

Easykon pairing with the Freedompro Cloud

The Freedompro Cloud is a powerful, secure and free service that allows you to integrate our products with other worlds. Google and Amazon Alexa services are connected to the Freedompro Cloud and work together to give you the best experience.

Pair Easykon with the Freedompro Cloud to take advantage of the power of Google and Amazon Alexa.

  • Device connected to the same local network as the product you want to pair
  • Web browser
Follow these steps:
  1. Access the Freedompro Cloud using your Google or Facebook account
  2. Click on "Add new device"
  3. Select the Easykon for KNX you want to pair, mind that it has the same serial number as the one on the module installed in your DIN rail and click on "Continue"
  4. Write the name that you want to give to this product and press "Continue"
  5. Insert the pairing code that you find on Easykon for KNX or in the information sheet in the package and select "Continue"
  6. Click on "End" to complete the pairing. In the last page you find the links to the articles in our Help Center in which it is described the procedure to pair your Freedompro product to Google or Amazon Alexa, follow the procedure to start managing your home with your voice.

Can't find the pairing code? Use the copy in the Easykon package.

The name that you give to Easykon for KNX is connected to your profile. The other users that are invited to the device, see the name they chose.

Once you paired your Easykon for KNX to the Freedompro Cloud, you are ready to pair with Google, Amazon Alexa or IFTTT or, why not, to the three of them so that you can control your smart home with the Apps or voice assistant you prefer or create all the automations you need.

Thanks to Freedompro Cloud you can use remote control on your Freedompro products without the need of additional modules, configurations and fee to pay.

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